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What is a Pizzelle?

Contact Pizzelle Pastries in Fountain Hills AZWhat is a Pizzelle?

A pizzelle is an “old world” traditional cookie– believed to originate in the 8th century.  This Italian waffle cookie gets its name from the Italian word “pizze,” which means round and flat.  It was developed in central Italy to honor annual celebrations in ancient times.  They have remained an important part of celebrations throughout Italy and around the world.

Where Did Pizzelles Originate?

There are two distinct beliefs of where pizzelles originated and why they came to be:  Pizzelles were first baked in the Italian village of Colcullo, Italy to celebrate the driving out of the snakes that were overtaking the town. This festival is known as the Festival of the Snakes or the Feast of San Domenico.  Once the area was free from snakes, the community feasted on pizzelles and celebrated.

Others believe the village of Salle, located in Abruzzi, Italy, was the first to enjoy pizzelles to celebrate the feast of Beato Roberto, a twelfth-century monk. Celebrants would attach the pizzelles to tree branches and walk down the street with them.  Whether you believe the first version– or the second– pizzelles have always been used as the pastry of choice in times of significant celebration!

How Are Pizzelles Made?

Originally, pizzelles were baked individually over an open flame using an embossed iron with very long wooden handles.  The iron had two distinct patterns:  on one side was the family crest– on the other, a lovely symbol of meaning such as a delicate flower or intricate snowflake.  Today, pizzelles are made– two at a time– using electric irons and cookie presses.  Although Anise or Vanilla are the “traditional” flavors of the pizzelle, Pizzelle Pastries has taken the flavor experience to a whole new level by offering over 45 custom flavors.  Several custom flavors were created by adding domestic and imported liqueurs to enhance the adult cookie-dining experience!  Whether you order traditional, custom or liqueur pizzelles, what you experience will be Elegantly Delicious!